Who We Are

Owners Marcie Delacruz and Jamie Rodriguez wanted to build a family-friendly, locally owned mobile painting class business.  Today, Shades of Color Paint, designs their own paintings, mixed media, and art projects, and refine them for fun, creative evenings with our customers. The company prides itself on being small in numbers, but large on talent, drive, determination. We invite you to attend one of our classes and see for yourself.


Owner / Art Instructor


Marcie has worked in the corporate world as a H.R. Generalist and Sales professional for the last 10 years. She always knew one day she wanted to take a journey to build a dream job of her own. In 2013, she attended an art event with friends.  It was a relaxing experience and to her surprise she created a painting without any previous art experience. From that day on, she knew she wanted to create an environment where adults and kids could share this same experience.   Her vision is to offer a family friendly and creative experience for every person to enjoy.  She wants guests who attend, to come together creatively, laugh, relax and create memories.  With joint efforts from her business partner Jamie, Shades of Color Paint was born.


Owner / Art Instructor


I grew up in a very meager environment, that never really allowed me much security. So, my goal was always to just provide consistency and stability for my children. I always thought a 9-5 would provide that for my family, but because of my situation at home starting a business that could give me time at home with my kids, when I needed, was the realization of Shades of Color Paint. Now, because of, my company, I have become an intricate part of my community all the while, providing a great example for my kids. The people I have met in this endeavor have truly blessed me, more then I have blessed them, in ways I never would have thought possible.


Art Director / Instructor


My second grade teacher said "put a crayon in that girl's hand", and I've been coloring ever since.  I've been working in an art or graphic design related field since the age of 16.  Marcie and Jamie gave me paint, a microphone, and an opportunity, and I couldn't be having more fun. For me art is a complete escape from reality, and I encourage you to take a class and experience it for yourself. You are going to love it!  To view items made from my artwork visit: Society6 or visit my web site to see examples of my graphic design.

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